Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter Dance Recital

Lydia and Cecelia had their first performance at St. Peter's Academy of Dance tonight. They were darling up there dancing to Christmas songs. I will try to upload pics and video soon.

OK, new year's resolution maybe?

So I started in September and promptly forgot how to even log in. I now have it figured out and I WILL BLOG IN 2010!!!! Motivation is a new computer that actually works, the fact that can slurp up my blog into a book next year, and the fact that I have no memory so I need to write it down or I will remember nothing when I am old.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Cecelia had her tonsils out on Monday. So far it has been a little rocky, ok so it has been terrible. She can't talk very well, she won't eat, I have to force her to drink, she has a meltdown when she has to take her medicine, she refuses to nap, and she is really crabby! Yesterday I actually put her in the car and drove her around for over an hour just to get her to take a nap. Today I mixed her medicine with ice cream, just to get it in her! It is almost like having an infant again. It has been hard on her sisters too. Lydia is jealous and thinks we are having a party at home everyday. Sylvia just knows her schedule is different and Cecelia isn't playing with her as much. I think we are all ready for her to be well again!

Blogging Day 1

So I kept a baby book for each child, have a scrapbook for each, a sisters one, and a family one, and have a yearly family bound photo book of all our pics, but I am terrible at getting stories down! I have a journal next to my bed. I kept up on it for maybe 4 or 5 days, now it collects dust. Maybe this will help me kick it in gear and actually remember some of the funny stories the kids have created as well as the everyday stories of our life!