Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So for ths story you need a little background.   Today we went to see a magician in the morning at a library program.  Afterwords, Ryder came with Sandy and Bob, and of course that means another excuse for the Rosa family to get together.  While were were eating the kiddos played outside in the pool.  Sylvia didn't want to swim, but discovered cookies.  Well, when the others saw that of course they wanted some too. 

Cecelia came inside and said, "May I have a cookie." 

My response was, "Did you forget the magic word?" 

In a very serious voice, she came back with, "Abracadabra?" 

We all had a good laugh and let her have the cookie!


So my aunt Linda and uncle Chuck go every summer to Honduras with a group of high school students from my uncle's school, Kennedy.  They help to build buildings, repair things, take clothing, and set up businesses.  This trip they were expanding a coffee growing and selling business.  In the past they set up a shop to make clothing.  There is no electricity so they use a pedal sewing machine and do a lot of work by hand.  My aunt Linda visited the shop when they were there and they were so excited that their dresses were going to make it all the way back to the US.  They asked that a picture be taken so they can hang it in the shop and show everybody they really did make it here.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beauty and the Beast at the Muny

The girls had their first Muny experience.  Cecelia was glued to the stage, Lydia was amazed by planes during the show, and Sylvia asked to go home at intermission.  They all stayed up until 11 though, it was a LONG show.  It was very good though and we may have to go back to Sound of Music.

Before the show we walked around the park and saw turtles and many pretty flowers.  The girls even got to dance on the little stage.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tooth Fairy @

Cecelia continues to ask me to email the tooth fairy every time she loses a tooth.  This time it was to say she wanted to wait a day to put it under her pillow so she could show her sisters that were sleeping when it was yanked out so she could come downstairs and not get in trouble for being out of her bed!  The tooth fairy got her message and Cecelia got her dollar.  My tooth fairy brought quarters, but Bob's must be visiting our house because it brings dollars!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Six Flags, take 2!

Ok so we a super lucky because we have more than one friend that invited us to go to Six Flags on the take a buddy days!  This morning we ok Bob put in new doors at the Skonning's house with Leigh.   After they finished, which they did quickly (good job boys), we took the clans to Six Flags.  Shanna, Karen and I took the little ones to Hurricane Harbor since it was hotter that h-e-double hockey sticks out there.  The men folk we a little stupider braver and took Cecelia and Kathryn on the roller coasters for the afternoon. I was a little worried since it was Cecelia's first time on real roller coasters, but realized quickly that Bob finally got a roller coaster buddy.  As soon as she got back she was jabbering about her favorite, the Tony Hawk that turned in circles AND went really fast!  

When it got later and cooled off a little bit we took the little ones to the Toon Town rides with the boys and big girls.  The little ones too loved the rides.  I thought we may have to carry them out kicking and screaming!  We stayed until 7 then finally headed for home.  
Notice 2 things in this pic:
#1 Sylvia is not liking getting soaked on Thunder River 
You have confirmed that we need season passes for next year!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Campbell Ice Cream Social

We went to Campbell's Ice Cream Social and had enjoyed seeing some Campbell families mid summer.  The drama performance with an improv twist was cute and it was great to see kids thinking on their feet with the higher level improv games.  The girl's favorite part-ICE CREAM!

The Frog Prince

Today Bob found a frog in the yard.  He let each girls hold it.  Ok he let 2 girls hold it, Lydia is too girly for that...  Anyway, Sylvia held it and right away gave it a kiss.  I guess she is already looking for her prince charming.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cecelia and Kathryn's Sleepover

Cecelia has been begging to have a sleep over with Kathryn since she got out of school.  I finally got it together enough top have one. We made funnel cakes, watched 101 Dalmatians, went to Granny's played, designed our own recipe for baking, and took Kathryn back to her family at the Campbell Ice Cream Social.  Good Times!
Bob's healthy dinner

So the recipe says sugar, flour, baking soda, corn, green beans, broccoli, potatoes, and strawberries.  I managed to talk them down to a corn bread "cake" with blueberries and corn in it.  They seemed ok with that :)!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Circus Flora is an amazing traditional European 1 ring circus under an actual big top tent.  We have taken Bob for the past 4 years as our father's day tradition and this year was yet another amazing show.  We actually ran into Madi (one of Cecelia's friends) and her family.  After the show we were able to get pictures with some of the performers.  If you are ever in St. Louis during June make sure you try to get tickets to this show!
Cecelia's Favorite was the animal lady that trained dogs, goats, ponies, etc!

Lydia's favorite was 2 women that performed a ring dance in the air 
that is too hard to explain here, but was beyond beautiful to watch.

Sylvia is getting her picture with me with a really amazingly strong guy 
who did a ribbon dance with another woman that was breathtaking. 

The clown is Nino who performs every year with great success, 
but scared my youngest 2!

Two of the trapeze girls

If you want to bake a cake, it's not really hard to make....

We had a ton of fun with the Easy Bake Oven today.  I found a ton of really great recipes at this site and we made chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, strawberry bars, mini bagel pizzas, and a banana cake (this was my favorite, YUM).  One cookie did bake over the edge because it was too full and we had to disassemble the oven, but the baking day continued and we had a ton of sweet treats in the end!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Magic House

For the past few years Lucille and Ron got us a pass to the magic house for the girls.  The current pass expires in June so we thought we would get one last hurrah in before we have to pay full price.  We ended up spending 5 hours there and I almost had to pull the girls away screaming they were having such a good time.  We started with the old school Magic House.  Then we went to a new exhibit that is a baby nursery where you can make a birth certificate and play doctor.  After the babies we found a rooftop gardening area that was really cool.  They had a special activity day outside by the big sand box and we even got free popsicles and met the penguin.  Finally, we went to the Super Hero Save the World exhibit.  Here are a few pics....

This is what the girls would look like if I drove a smart car.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fahther's Day Fun in the sun

On Sunday morning we went to New Town to dig in the sand volleyball courts and make sand castles.  It was a good thing the girls get up early because it was HOT by 10:30 when we were finished.  In the evening our families came over and we had a BBQ.  All in all a good Father's day had by all!

 Bob opening his gift an ipod attachment to track his runs.

New Town Sand

The sun was so bright it made really cool shadows!

Cecelia added a face to her in the sand so she would be smiling.