Saturday, August 28, 2010

Celia's room

Sylvia has had a very difficult time transitioning to the new home and a new room.  I thought she would be the easiest to transition since she never shared a room before we moved, but I was dead wrong.  Every night she seems to sneak out of her room and into "Celia's room".  Cecelia is a gracious big sister and hosts her little sis every night with few complaints.

Well tonight Cecelia is spending the night at Aunt Linda's house.  I was interested in seeing how the night played out.  Would Sylvia sleep on Lydia's floor?  Maybe she would sneak into her lower bunk in Cecelia's room.  Then again she might actually stay in her own bed.   When I went up to get a glimpse of my sleeping beauties I found her in Cecelia's loft surrounded by her things and sleeping peacefully.  I should have grabbed the camera, but instead took her to her own bed so she didn't roll off the unfinished end of the loft in the middle of the night.  As I kissed her goodnight for the second time I noticed she had an extra sparkle.  Did she really miss Cecelia or just see an opportunity to wear her make-up?  I'd like to think it is the sisterly bond they will share forever that drew her to the room.  Good night, sleep tight!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Look who Toto sent our way!

We have had the privilege of hosting Bob's Aunt Anita and her 2 oldest girls Amanda and Elizabeth for a few days.  They are meeting up with their youth group to do some mission work in St. Louis and thought they'd come a little early and enjoy some sights!  They went to the Arch and City Garden Park the first day, The Zoo and shopping the second day, and Saturday we went with them to The City Museum, Ozzies for lunch, did a tour of the brewery AND ate Ted Drewes for dinner!  It was so much fun and for once the tall people outnumbered the short people!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Desparate for the tooth fairy!

Cecelia wanted the tooth fairy to come so badly she tied a string to her tooth then attempted to tie the other end to a door handle.  I blame Bob for giving her the idea!  Luckily she was NOT successful, but she did manage to give us a good laugh.

It's an Earthday Birthday!

This Earth Day Birthday brought to you by Jack Johnson's 3 R's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

I know it seems like an odd theme, but it was so much fun!  The kids made party hats out of old soda bottles, bowled with old creamer containers, and reused microwave plates for their meal.  We had a taco bar with old tires (olives), shredded paper (cheese), compost (meat and beans), you get the idea.  The kiddos has a great time.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sylvie Lee is THREE!

Where does the time go?  My baby is three.  She talks in sentences you can understand, she has been potty trained for a year, she will be in the primary this year at Campbell; What happened to the little baby that depended on me for everything?  Now all I hear is, "I do it myself mom." 

Sylvia was lucky enough to have her birthday on a Saturday this year.  We went to Crown Candy Kitchen for lunch then came back home took naps and ended the day at the swimming pool.  It was a great family day and she was so proud to be the birthday girl! 

Lydia got her her own Zhu Zhu.

Cecelia made her a dress with matching dresses 
for them to wear to the birthday party.