Friday, May 28, 2010

Campbell Picnic

Campbell has a tradition of a last day of school picnic.  This year they also had a silent auction for items that were made by the classrooms.  We won Lydia's (a desk with pics on it from everybody in her class) and Sylvia's (a really cool platter made from thumbprints of her classmates).  We tried to win one of Cecelia's, but those darn Feager-Davis' got them both!  Maybe next year!

Face Painting (Cecelia and BFF Kathryn)

Cookie Decorating (Notice Lydia's name tag reversals and upside down, the sped teacher in me worries, the mom in me knows she just turned 4!)

Parents vs Kids dodge ball! Parents rocked it with no mercy!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

CMS Graduation

Cecelia is officially a lower elementary student, Lydia is an extended day primary student, and Sylvia will move to a regular primary classroom.  It is official, my girls are growing up.

The whole thing is bitter sweet.  We will miss Sylvia's teachers Miss Peggy, because she was always so positive, Miss Brostron because she had a way of making every students feel special, and Miss Holly because she could always share in a laugh and has helped to raise the youngest since she started at 12 months old.  We are fortunate to have Miss Weber another 2 years for Lydia.  Mrs. Jordan will now have Sylvia now so we don't have to say goodbye just yet.
Cecelia with Mrs. Jordan and Mrs. Mabry.

Lydia with Miss Weber and Mrs. LeMasters

Sylvia with Miss Holly, Miss Peggy, and Miss Brostron

We did have a goodbye bouquet for the 3 teachers in Sylvia's class since they will not be returning to the school.  The kids in the class did thumbprints on a vase from painted Zebra and I turned them into lady bugs, a symbol of good luck.  Cecelia's room had 7 graduates.  They too made a vase with thumbprint flowers for Mrs. Jordan.  On the last day all students brought flowers for the teachers and made a friendship bouquet to remember them by.

Proud Mom and Dad with their primary Graduate!

Following graduation we celebrated by going to Doozles for Ice cream.  I feel like a trader after so many years at Lyon's but our graduate got to pick and it is owned by Olivia's dad; I can't compete with that.  Maybe next year we can start the Lyon's tradition.
 Cecelia and Kathryn

Grandma and Grandpa Becker

Linda the Great

Sunday, May 23, 2010

1,2,3,4,5, SIX FLAGS

We are very lucky to have friends with season passes to Six Flags.  On Wednesday we went to Hurricane Harbor with our friends Cady, Pablo, and Jessica Villmer.  This was a first for us.  We had been to Six Flags for the rides, but never for the water park.  The girls LOVED it, especially a HUGE water slide that you go down on a raft.  We went twice even though it was a pretty long wait.  They also loved the big pirate ship and Cecelia braved the huge bucket of water that dumps occasionally.
Thank you Villmers!  I am pretty sure we will be getting passes next year!!

 Jessica, Cecelia, and Lydia were excited at the entrance,  Sylvia was NOT!

The shark was no match for the Hines Girls!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game...

My school sings the National Anthem every year at a Cards game.  We always take the whole family for a good time of peanuts and cracker jacks.  This year was exceptionally hot, but we had seats in the very top row, in the shade, with a nice breeze.  It was a grand slam for all.

Yes those dots are really players :)!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

What's Cookin'?

Lydia's birthday party was today.  She wanted a Princess and the Frog party and I am a little anti-princess as you all know.  Lydia also wanted to invite 1 girl and 5 boys.  I wasn't so sure they would be down with the idea of a princess party.  I do however like the message from Princess and the Frog; Work hard because you can't wish upon a star to get what you want. Tiana was working hard to become a chef and own her own restaurant.  Presto!  We have a cooking party! 

Lydia had invites tied to spoons with a "Recipe for a Birthday Bash".  We started by decorating aprons and playing with marshmallow and sunflower butter play doughs.  The kids then made individual pan pizza and fruit pizza.  We were supposed to make home made ice cream and lemonade, but they wanted to jump on the trampoline.  We sent home "recipe book" and aprons for party favors.  The girl's books were even Princess and the Frog!  Lydia had a very special day! 

Her favorite gift was Cecelia's Lady Bug of course!  I went upstairs that night and she had pulled it onto her bed and fallen asleep on it.  So sweet!

Oh and Murphy's Law AGAIN! I asked Lydia what she wanted for her birthday a few weeks ago.  She wanted a digital camera and to buy ice cream from the ice cream truck.  My response was that she could have ice cream the next time the truck came by.  Um, well, ya the truck came in the middle of the birthday party!  We of course bought it for all!  And by the way the ice cream truck in the county is no Mr. Softee!  You can even put your own syrup on your shaved ice :)!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Murphy's Law #238910

Yesterday I took a half day in the afternoon for Lydia's birthday.  I had one day remaining and I said to Bob, "What are the chances one gets sick in the next week and a half?"  Well, I jinxed myself.  Today Cecelia has strep throat and I had to take a 1/2 day dock.  Oh well....

Honestly thought it was a great day.  Once Cecelia had meds in her and a rest she was feeling better.  She decided she wanted to make a present for Lydia for her party on Saturday, instead of buy one.  In her words, "I want to make a lady bug pillow that is this big (insert large hand motions)!"  We picked out sparkly red fabric and made  a pattern.  I taught her what a compass was and how to make one out of string and a marker to make the circle.  She cut, pinned, and sewed most of it with little guidance.  She then stuffed it with 3 bags of stuffing.  Lydia's eyes will light up when she sees it Saturday!

Oh and after school when we picked up her sisters we got to see Miss Wright's class!   She just found out she will be in Ms. Wright's class next year (and for the next 3 years since that is how Montessori works! When I told her Kathryn was going to be in the same room I thought she was going to faint! Tuesday she was able to visit the Elementary room I remember looking at the elementary kids when Cecelia started 4 years ago and thinking that they were so BIG. Now Cecelia is one of the big kids. She is nervous, but excited!  Cecelia will be in the same class as her friends Will, Kathryn, Miranda, Nathanial, Shaylah, Talia, and Cody!  Kateri is already there and Adelheide is coming back next year.  Cecelia is PUMPED!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Liddy Lou is FOUR!

Every year for the girls' birthdays we get a number pretzel from Gus' for them to take to school. Lydia is the first birthday that we have had in the new house. I tried to talk her into fruit kabobs or muffins instead, but no no avail; She wanted a number 4! I am TERRIBLE at saying no so I found a recipe, rolled up my sleeves and made a number 4. It was pretty tasty too!

Lydia was happy with the 4, but I added a surprise and took a half day from work. She was so excited to see me at school. She sat by me and wouldn't stop touching me in fear I might go away.

After her celebration we went to see her dad at work and go out to lunch. Her only request was pasta with NO onions. We ate an amazing lunch in Clayton with daddy, complete with ice cream from a 50 ice cream parlor. Lydia felt so special and it was an amazing day.

That night we celebrated at home complete with chocolate cake. The day was a success!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bits of My Weekend

So a facebook friend and blogger does bits of her weekend and I am stealing the idea. This weekend we were BUSY. Friday I went to get the girls from school and Cecelia was so upset because she wanted to go to her friend Shaylah's birthday party. The problem... our mail hadn't been forwarded yet and I had no idea it was happening. All of her friends were already at the park so I couldn't say no! Thank goodness for Madi's mom Alicea who not only took her home from the party, but then fed her dinner, and let her send the night! Pretty good deal fo no planning!

Friday and Saturday we also had the garage sale in my aunt's neighborhood. Friday was perfect and we sold a TON of stuff in an hour. Saturday was cold and rainy, but there was a steady trickle of people so all in all we did ok. We will try again at our house in the fall. During the garage sale it was time for another birthday party for one of Lydia's friends Dillon. Bob took Lydia and Sylvia to Pump It Up for some bouncing fun. By the time he got to me, loaded the truck, and picked up Cecelia I felt like I was going to DIE! I went to Walgreen's to get a strep test (I had 3 kids out the week before with it). The first didn't have a test, which sent me to a second that guess what did not have a test, and then finally at the third stop I was able to get a test. It was positive so I started the miracle pill and slept. By that night I was a whole new Emily.

Sunday, Bob and I unpacked a bunch of boxes FINALLY. It was nice to actually be at home in our new home. That afternoon we went to pick up a coffee table and 2 end tables we bought off Craig's List then went to unload 2 trailers for Ron and Lucille. One more load and they should be here for good! Yippee! Bob's aunt Betty and uncle Marvin came too and got to see our new places. It was nice to have family from Kansas in St. Louis!

Friday, May 14, 2010

2 nights

OK so maybe I am trying to relive my youth, but I actually went out TWO nights in a row. I know what you are saying, thins must be Bob writing, Emily doesn't stay up past 10! But really it was me and I love living so close to friends. I realize now that was a missing link in our old neighborhood. We lived there for 8 years and never made any friends. Shoot, we barely knew our neighbors, though not for lack of trying. I was a block captain, Bob was on St. Margret's housing, we hosted BBQs and happy hours, I even did special education work for City Garden, but we never found any friends.

In our new house we have so many friends in such a close proximity. Last night a group of the girls were out at the wine bar in New Town. At 8:30 they said to come on out. By 8:35 I was there :). It was a nice night to get away for a couple of hours and today I am more relaxed after 2 nights of fun! I think I could get used to this!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Proof I am old!

Last night we went with some wonderful friends, the Goodwins to The Old Rock House downtown.  They had a concert with Split Lip Rayfield (my fave) and Revered Horton Heat (the Goodwin's fave).  While the concert was a great b-day gift to Bob (I didn't even have to go shopping), an amazing time with friends and an opportunity to get some swing dancing in, the night also showed my true age!
1.  When they carded me I had to pull out the Shop n Save & Home Depot Gift cards to get to my ID.
2.  After 2 beers I just couldn't drink a third.
3.  I had heart burn from nachos because we ate after 6.
4.  I couldn't make it to the end of the concert without yawning.
5.  The bass was almost too much for me, thought outside we were good.
6.  I fell asleep at home before Bob even got his PJs on.
7.  I have had 5 glasses of coffee today and I am still not awake.  Proof- I put the coffee pot of water in the microwave instead of on the coffee maker.  I'm not sure I should be allowed to teach children today!

Happy Birthday Bobby Jim, I love you!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nobody Likes It When You're 33...

... and you still act like it is freshman year.

Happy Birthday Bob!  The girls had a blast picking out gifts, making a cake, making goulash, and designing a banner.  When we went shopping they didn't really have any ideas.  Cecelia was thinking maybe a pair of jeans, but she thought all of the jeans looked "too dirty".  When a 6 year old know the style is strange, you know it should not be coming back from the 80's!!  They finally chose 2 Wii games for him, Family Cooking and Dora Princess.  They were so excited to give him Dora!!  They also saw a shirt with a beer glass on it so they of course had to get it for him.

The cake is angel food and it tasted good, but Lucille's cakes blow ours away.  By the end of the night it was pretty flat!  Now that she is closer maybe she can show me her tricks! 

We ended the night with a nice walk through our new neighborhood.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

Every year we go with my family to Meremac State Park and stay in a cabin.  This year there were 21 of us there this year.  We missed Heidi, Jessica, Ben, Aimee, and Reagan and hope they will be able to come along again next year.  It was a perfect weekend for camp fires, hiking, games, and of course beer!  The girls loved being with their cousins, aunts/ great aunts, uncles/ great uncles, grandparents, and granny.  I was exhausted from carrying an extra 30 pound Sylvia on 7 miles of trails!  Overall it was a great weekend.  Hopefully there will be pictures to come, but I will need to get them from my mom because I seem to have lost our camera :(.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Quest for the Perfect Lunchbox

Since Cecelia has started school 4 years ago I have been on the quest for the perfect lunch box.  We tried the regular Target style lunch boxes.  I hated them.  They got dirty fast, the linings tore, the zippers broke, they were hard to fit things in and they were bulky to store.  Plus we had to buy 2 $10-15 bags to make it through one school year!

We now have the Built NY ones that are are pretty good.  They have lasted for over 2 years.  They are a dark color so the outside does not show wear.  The fabric is actually wet suit material so it stretches to fit containers and it is washable.  Unfortunately it also holds mold in the bottom.  After 2 years the bottom inside is turning black and nothing seems to fix it.  I have also decided I don't like so many containers and lids.  So here I am, on a quest for the perfect lunchbox.

In the running:
The Goodbyn
It is dishwasher safe, has many compartments with only one lid, looks cool, and comes with stickers.  It does not have a way to attach the place mat and napkin required by Campbell, but I think I could get creative and make something to attach.

The Second and Third and Fourth
The Planet Box
Easy Lunch Box
I love that planet is stainless steel (that could be fun with word magnets!) and also has many compartments with only one lid that is supposed to be easier to close.  The easy lunch and quaddie are plastic, but also have compartments.  All 3 do not have a handle though and then you have a lunch bag that gets dirty and does not go in the washer.  Sigh.

Number 5 the YuBo
Cute outside washable box that is plastic, but has a bunch of containers and lids which I was hoping to get away from.

For me :)!

These were cool too :)!  Collapsible Water Bottles.

I am leaning towards the Goodbyn, but wanted to see if anybody has experience with these or any suggestions.  As always I am over thinking the whole thing, but I like things streamlined and simple (after I make them difficult)!