Monday, January 10, 2011

We build things

So I have always had this little problem of getting an idea in my head and not being able to find what I want in the stores.  It started at a very young age. 

Exhibit A:  For Christmas on year I wanted a black, preemie, boy, in a yellow outfit with a pacifier and a hat for a Cabbage Patch Kid.  Believe it or not my mom found it! 

Exhibit B:  For NJHS induction in 7th grade, I wanted a dress that was higher in the front than the back.  I ended up making that one. 

Exhibit C:  I made over 100 pinwheels to line the driveway to our wedding because that is what I had in my head!

More recently, I have started wanting bigger things like, say, furniture...  I wanted a headboard that looked like a fireplace mantle and had lights attached for reading and a wardrobe that had 2 hidden clothes hampers.   Bob made the entire bedroom set to fit my specifications.  Cecelia's bed is also planned by me and carried out by Bob. 

Last weekend he did it again.  I told him what I wanted cubbies when we entered into the house and he made my cubbies just like I wanted them.   All I have to do is add the hooks, paint a few flowers, and they will be perfect!  We make a pretty good pair!

Oh and as a bonus this weekend we finally got the dress ups
organized with many hooks the kids can actually use!

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