Saturday, June 12, 2010

2 weddings and a birthday party

So the day is pretty self explanatory.  The girls got to jump and get energy out at Titus' birthday party.   Then they got to rest at Tony and Katie's wedding.  We took naps and then went to my cousin Rachel and Seth's reception (they eloped).  Bob and I even got a few swing dances in at the reception.  It was a very exciting day for 3 little girls!  I don't think that this will help me talk Cecelia out of marrying Will though!  Weddings and receptions are too much fun!

Tony and Katie

When we got to Rachel and Seth's reception Cecelia was confused.  We don't see my dad's side of the family as much as my mom's side.  She scouted the room and a look of pure excitement came over her face when she finally recognized someone she knew,  Great Grandma Corbett!  It made me proud that we have actually gone on many occasions to see grandma.   Even if she doesn't remember it, we sure do and my girls are better off because of it!  Here is a pic of the Hines' with Great Grandma Corbett.

Rachel SO DID NOT want to cut the cake of do a first dance or any of the cheesy things you do at weddings, but the masses won and she humored us all so we could get a few pics.  Isn't her dress AMAZING!!!  I always love Rachel's style and lifestyle for that matter.  She and Seth always take in the pleasures of life around them and it makes me smile!

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